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A Case Study – The True Art of Delegation

In a previous post (The True Art of Delegation) you learned the importance of entrepreneurial delegation. This isn’t for the entrepreneur only, but it should be a rule of thumb for the lone business person. Today we are going to see a real-life example of how delegating to a Virtual Assistant can bring you success.

Imagine you have this idea for a book; one that will change the lives of everyone who reads it. At first, your hand cannot keep up as your ideas flow like flood waters. You know what the book will be about, but you have no idea how to organize your thoughts.

After some time, you have ten solid topics making up your table of contents. For a majority of the world, this is where the ball stops rolling. The intimidation sets in as they notice how much work it takes to write a book. There is no question that it can be a daunting task. But let’s look at how to get your book written.

After you have your ten teaching points written down, go through and put each on an index card. On that card write one to three sentences describing what that chapter will be about. Knowing what you want each chapter to accomplish is something to keep in mind. (Will it be a checklist; or have some type of call to action or is it information only.) Understanding this in advance will help you put together the chapters so they follow a flow.

Now this is where the fun begins…

As you get clear about what each chapter will cover, email your 1-3 lines to your VA. Explain what your expectations are: How many sub-headings in the chapter, words following the sub-headings, where to search for resources, what the chapter is to accomplish, etc. (Remember, you are in control here and the better you guide your VA, the better the material you get in return.)

After you get to this point you have a few options. You can send one chapter at a time or you can send them all the information at once. Make sure you keep realistic deadlines. Working in chunks (chapters at a time) may work better for you and your virtual assistant. If deadlines have you against the wall, send a chapter or two to different virtual assistants.

As your pages come in, edit their work. Meaning, read through everything with a red pen marking anything that needs clearing up. You can either have your VA clean up the document or you can do it yourself. Either way, you will have a book in your hands faster than you thought imaginable.

photo credit: EcoVirtual

Posted on September 17th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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