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Has Back-to-School Time Left Your Shorthanded?

It happens every summer and fall in businesses all across the country. Schools and colleges unleash young people looking to make some money over the summer, or maybe complete an internship to further their future career. Whether you have offspring that help with your business during the summer months or hire these young people on summer break, the fun comes to an end in September. Suddenly, you are left shorthanded as your helpers collect their last checks and head back to school. So now what should you do? How about hiring a Virtual Assistant?

The great thing about hiring those young people to help during the summer months and various school breaks is that they are not full-time, have flexible availability and don’t require benefits. You can put them to work doing data entry or answering phones, giving you more time to focus on your business. But when the school bell rings, your business can be left without the extra help you need. That is why a VA is perfect to fill in the gaps.

With a VA, you get many of the same benefits as your young summer help, yet with much more expertise. They are not employees, so they don’t require benefits or even need to be put on your payroll. They are also affordable, since you can utilize them as much or as little as you need to fit them into your budget. But beyond filling the gaps between summer, winter and spring breaks, they also bring some skills your young helpers may not have, including:

  • Business experience. At CVA, our Virtual Assistants work with many different types of businesses, doing a wide variety of tasks. They have experience and knowledge that can be beneficial to your company in many different areas.
  • Tech savviness. Our VAs keep up on all the latest technology used for running and marketing businesses. Whether you need an Infusionsoft expert or a social media guru, our VAs have the knowledge and resources to help you stay on top of your tech game.
  • Customer service skills. Let’s face it – having an 18-year old handle customer service with your big clients is not always a great idea. You want someone that is professional and understands the importance of every business interaction.

Don’t let back-to-school time hurt your business. Explore the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant on your side all year round.

photo credit: Dean Hochman

Posted on September 21st, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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