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Social Media Marketing Update for 2015

One of the fastest changing aspects of business marketing is the digital realm, especially social media. What worked great just a year ago is now outdated and there are better strategies for reaching target audiences through the different social media channels. If you have been wondering what other businesses are doing in 2015 for social media marketing and what is working for them, the Social Media Examiner did the leg work. They surveyed 3,700 marketers on how they were using social media marketing and put together a full report of their findings. Here are some of the key findings.


The biggest social media venue is still a big part of marketing, with 93% of those surveyed using it as part of their marketing strategy. However, only 45% thought their Facebook efforts were effective. While over 50% said if they had to choose just one social media platform it would be Facebook, 68% want to know how to use it better.

Podcasting and Video

Video is being used more in social media marketing, with 57% of the participants using it in their marketing. However, this number should grow as 72% are planning on increasing their use of video and want to learn more on how to use it in their marketing.

Podcasting is also growing, though at a much slower rate. Only 10% of the marketers said they used podcasting currently, but 26% plan on increasing their use of this medium and 43% indicated they wanted to learn more about using it in their marketing.


While Facebook led the pack for the platform people would choose if they could only use one, LinkedIn was second at 21% of those surveyed. LinkedIn was also one of the areas that 66% of the participants wanted to expand, along with YouTube and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Confusion

One of the biggest eye-openers in the report was that most marketers are unsure of what social media marketing tactics work, how to measure results and how to reach their target audiences. 87% said they did not know which social media management tools worked best and also are confused on how to target their audience. 88% said they didn’t know how to measure their results.

The overall consensus was the almost every marketer is using social media but the majority are not sure whether it is working or how to utilize these effective platforms. So if you as a business owner are struggling with getting the most out of your social media marketing, you are not alone. At CVA, we can help answer those questions and get you on a social media marketing plan that works for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our social media Jumpstart options.

photo credit: Jason A. Howie

Posted on September 11th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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