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Sometimes my clients have last minute ideas in the middle of the night that have the potential to propel their business forward. Being a CVA Team Leader, I enjoy taking on challenges. So when I logged into my email for the day, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new, fun little launch for a free mastermind call. My client has also been looking new branding colors, so she was really excited to try out a new color palette as well. When this client gets an idea she likes to move fast, and I love bringing her ideas to life. We only had a few days, so it was time for me to get started.

My client is a business coach targeting women entrepreneurs, so she really appreciates the feminine touch with a modern look for her launches. She’s also very specific about colors, how they work together and make the overall look and feel appealing, including the use of pretty fonts. Contemporary VA’s virtual assistant services are the perfect fit for her.

I always start with the design first, so first I spun out her desired colors using a Colour Lovers pallete and a general idea of the shades she wanted to achieve. I was quickly able to pull together the right colors for her new look.

Once I had the colors in place, I used Leadpages to help me design the perfect opt-in for her exciting, new webinar. Leadpages offers many beautiful templates that can be put together on the fly, when you just don’t have time for an extensive sales page. In no time at all I managed to pull together her colors, and put that overall feminine look and feel into a webinar opt-in. It was beautiful, and her color choices really spoke about who she was.

Once the design was laid out and sent to my client for review, I spent the rest of the time putting together a campaign in Infusionsoft. In the campaign I always use a double opt-in to start after the form. Once the double opt-in is in place, I add the rest of the nurture sequence. For my client this consists of a thank you email with the event details, reminder emails up until the event, replay email for download after the event, and follow up emails inviting potential clients to her new online coaching program.

The page was a huge success! The client really loved it and felt like I’d really captured her essence. The colors popped and the page flowed easily through my design and her words. So easily in fact, potential clients were signing up within two days and the entire webinar was full by the end of the week. The nurture sequence we strategically applied at the end of the campaign brought in quite a bit of revenue for her that month.

So when my client comes up with a crazy idea in the middle of the night, I jump into action to bring her vision to reality by putting all the pieces together for her. Meeting the challenges she presents is truly rewarding for both of us, and helps us grow together as a team. Having Leadpages in my tool belt, along with my team at CVA to help achieve goals quickly, brings a huge amount of satisfaction to both of us.

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Posted on September 30th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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