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How to Effectively and Efficiently Utilize Your New VA

It’s Monday morning and coffee is your only objective. Instead of scheduling meetings, writing blog posts and answering emails, you are starring at a blank computer screen wondering if you shut off the coffee maker. The list of things-you-need-to-do is long. Everyone has moments like this but knowing you have help can make your life easier. After you hire a virtual assistant, understanding how to effectively and efficiently utilize their skills is your key to being productive.

Understand that communication is essential

Make communicating with your VA a priority by establishing a communication medium. If you prefer email make sure to encompass clear directions. There is always a learning curve to endure regardless of where your new employee does business. Skype and other forms of communication outlets will ensure this process goes smoothly. Remember to be patient with your new VA. They are just like anyone else; a new employee who is learning how to meet your specific needs.

Process is proactive

Creating a process is essential when hiring a new VA. Establish a process by writing everything down that can be handed off to your VA. Use objectives and goals for tasks offering clear instructions so everyone is on the same page. Additionally, specify time limits and deadlines to ensure your VA is clear about when a project is due. Another great element to add for efficiency is coming up with a time where both you and your VA are online. This ensures you have a clear line of communication with your VA and your delegation process is proactive.

Create a virtual shared space

In order to work well with your new VA creating a shared system alleviates stress and saves time. Chances are you have endless documentation that your new VA needs access to. Adding pertinent documents, email lists and other important information that your VA will need to efficiently utilize their time is crucial. Using free sites such as DropBox to keep shared information can give your VA access to everything they need. In turn, your VA can store documents and completed projects easily. Having a system in place can ensure you are streamlining the communication process efficiently

Give praise and reward often

Virtual assistants are highly skilled and trained individuals. It is easy to forget that they have a valuable place on your staff. Gratitude goes a long way and is always appreciated. Specific feedback can greatly increase your VAs output level. If you focus on a task and offer praise you may find your new VA will excel in this area.

Keep expectations clear and concise

It is essential after hiring a VA to know their hours. In turn, they must be able to accommodate your business hours. Having shared expectations can allow for your VA to best meet your needs by understanding what you expect. Furthermore, if your VA knows exactly what you need it can be helpful for projects with strict deadlines. A qualified VA will be intelligent about prioritizing but clear expectations are crucial.

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Posted on October 26th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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