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Sequester Smooth Sailing: What to Know Before You Hire a VA

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need help with everyday tasks, hiring a professional virtual assistant (VA) can help you with your bottom line. After years of working solo you understand how valuable your time is and how it should be invested. If you are considering hiring an assistant but you’re unsure how to go about it, sequester smooth sailing and find out how to hire a smart, qualified professional VA.

First things first

Be realistic. The very first thing you should know before hiring a VA is whether or not you need one. If the answer is yes, spend at least a week keeping track of routine tasks that you do every day. Brainstorm with your employees about tasks, or projects that could be outsourced to a VA. Once you have an idea of what is soaking up your valuable time, you will be ready to come up with a clear outlined task list that you can then use for writing a killer job description.

Job description 101

Writing a killer job description is a vital step when hiring a professional VA. You will not only ensure you’re getting exactly what you need but your expectations will be clear. Explain in detail what the job will entail. Make your description interesting to attract potential VA who likes a challenge. Including a call-to-action in the description can help you identify potential candidates. Additionally, virtual assistants want to know you are fully prepared to work together to ensure all your needs are being met. This means you must understand what you need before you can rely this information to a VA. This will provide you with someone who can give you an equal amount of experience, reliability and skills.

Planning is never done in vain

After you’ve done the research, written a clear, outlined job description you’re next step is to plan for your VAs arrival. If you have staff, ensure they’re ready to work with someone who is virtually not located in the office. Establishing a communication route is vital for keeping everyone on the same page. Set clear guidelines for who will be responsible for delegating work. If you are hiring a VA for more than just yourself, delegating can be a fundamental aspect of the position.

Communication is crucial

Don’t be concerned about over-communicating with your VA. Once you have established an open line of communication and chosen your medium (i.e. Skype, IM, phone or email), continue to make your new VA a vital part of your team by keeping them in the loop on all important company emails and communication. Keep in mind time changes and strive to have “office hours” or online hours established. Communicating as clearly as possible can make the standard learning curve less inconvenient.

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photo credit: J D Mack

Posted on October 19th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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