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Time to Automate words on a ball being rolled uphill by a worker putting in too much effort who could be improving the process for greater efficiency

Time to Automate words on a ball being rolled uphill by a worker putting in too much effort who could be improving the process for greater efficiency

Business automation is a great way for a small business to focus on what they do best, allowing them to perfect their products and grow. While some of these products do have a slight learning curve and require a little front-end work to master, implementing them into your company’s daily activities will make your business run smoother and ultimately save you time and money.

From time project management apps to cloud-based data protection services, there are many ways you can automate your business. You will need to dig around to find the products that best suit your business. Here are a three to consider:


What is it?

Choosing a cloud-based storage and data protection service is the first and most important step in business automation. Mozy has become a leader in the crowded data cloud storage field with its military-grade encryption. For as little as $10 a month, business owners can make sure their documents and computer contents are automatically and safely stored.

Why do you need it to grow your business?

This is good tech that will keep your business rolling when disasters strike — i.e., onsite data breaches and total data loss. Not convinced you need a product like this to grow your business? Look how Mozy saved Altek Solutions, Inc. When the company’s servers crashed, the CEO was able to restore the company’s information from Mozy. Because of this, the company now requires all of its employees to use the service on all work computers. Now when a hard drive crashes, the company just downloads the data from Mozy onto the new computer. In comparison, imagine losing all of your company’s data. It could be hard to recover from. That’s why this type of service is needed and why you should have every employee using it, too. Mozy has plans for Personal, Business and Enterprise customers.


What is it?

HubSpot is a popular marketing tool that simplifies and automates the entire process by providing a wide range of features. HubSpot users are able to build contact lists, create blogs, track social media engagement, manage content and more. There are three plans to choose from. Each plan requires an onboarding fee along with a monthly fee, so the cost may be prohibitive for some small businesses. However, once your employees are properly trained via HubSpot certification courses, your business will have an advantage over the competition. HubSpot plans start at $200 a month.

Why do you need it to grow your business?

Integrify, a Chicago-based company, uses HubSpot to increase its lead flow by 300 percent. This amazing boost allowed Integrify to expand its sales team. You may not see the same results, but if you utilize HubSpot correctly, you will see some increase. And increased sales leads to company growth.


What is it?

Basecamp is a project management application that provides companies with a central location to control and manage projects. Basecamp tracks deadlines, allows document collaboration and much more. It also integrates with numerous third-party applications. Plans start at $20 a month.

Why do you need it to grow your business?

Look at a few of the companies and organizations that use Basecamp — NASA, Nike, Adidas, Twitter, National Geographic and Kellogg’s — and ask yourself if emulating their project management habits would be a wise move to help your business grow. We can answer that for you: Yes, it is wise.

The app streamlines workflow and keeps your projects organized, giving you more time to concentrate on growing your business. Take Keen Footwear’s experience, for example. Keen Footwear chose to use Basecamp to manage the build-out and design of its flagship store. The project, which lasted eight months, included 10 different companies and 40 people. Everything ran smoothly. Basecamp could make you and your employees more efficient, too.

Posted on November 25th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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