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Infographics: Make Your Data Visual

Grab your targeted audience’s attention fast with well designed, innovative infographics. When you have eye catching infographics you can’t help but pull in the interest of potential customers. The market is overflowing with information packed into millions of websites. Everyday more and more fish of all sizes show up in the sea of marketing. You want to stand out, but how can that happen when you are so small and all the other fish seem so big? Your secret weapon, besides excellent customer service, is the well-turned infographic.

Why They Work

Most people are visual learners. Humans react to what they see so when you present the average person with an attractive or attention-getting page on your website they are more likely to take the time to stay, giving it a look-over. Our brains are wired to perk up at visual information. In fact the optic nerve needs to be activated to process nearly all the information that comes into a person’s mind. While words alone are fine and in some cases images alone will work well, combining the two makes a big impact particularly when it is done in a way to spark interest.

Using Your Information

What is it that you want your customers to know? What will make them want your service or products more than the other vendors? Do some research to determine what people are saying about the products or services you are offering. What is it they like or dislike? If you don’t have time to gather this information yourself, delegate to another. Virtual assistants are your best friends when it comes to delegation of extra work. Find data specific to your industry in which your particular expertise will shine. Show how important the product or service you offer is to the average person or the general public. Then show how much better your specific product or service is so that potential customers can make the distinction between you and the other guys.
Show Don’t Tell

People love eye candy. That’s what a good infographic gives the audience, lots of eye candy. There is a plethora of information floating around the internet. Your information will stand out when you use infographics that are attractive and entertaining. Don’t think that a regular graph or pie chart will do the job either. Those images are fine. They are also a dime a dozen. You want something that is innovative, images that capture the attention of the viewer. Think creativity at its best. No doubt you have seen some pretty amazing infographics out there yourself. Now is the time for you to bring that amazement to your own site.

Infographics can make a big difference in your business. It takes time and creativity to get the right mix of images and text combined together in the secret sauce that will make your website attract leads like butterflies to nectar. If you are short on time or/and creativity you can reach out to the virtual assistant community at CVA where you will find qualified assistants help you pull together everything you need to create the perfect infographics.

photo credit:  AJC

Posted on November 16th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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