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Manager-Approved Tech Tools for Remote Workers

Man in robe working from homeTelecommuting is a smart business move. According to data from PGi, businesses can save up to $10,000 in real estate costs alone by adopting a team of remote workers. Employees who work from home are said to be happier and even more productive, so make sure they have all the resources they need and consider these tech tools.


Companies like HubSpot, MailChimp, Warby Parker and Citrix have all used 15Five. The online tool helps managers connect with remote or in-office employees to celebrate wins, identify roadblocks and discover ideas in just minutes. Employees take just 15 minutes a week to fill out a series of questions. Managers take five minutes to engage with the employee and provide helpful feedback. The conversation can lead to real results, helping both remote workers and managers work together more efficiently. Most importantly, 15Five can potentially lead to a lower turnover in addition to boosting employee morale and retention.

ThinkPad E

ThinkPad laptops have long been the most popular choice for small businesses and large enterprises alike. The durable, high-performance machines have a history of helping employees get more done, faster. The Lenovo ThinkPad E is built for both security and productivity, which makes it a great addition to a remote workers arsenal of tech tools. Remote workers can get more done on the go or at home, as the ThinkPad E is designed to be portable and mobile. So if your employees prefer to work out of their home office or at the corner coffee shop, you can guarantee that they are getting work done.


Wi-Fi isn’t always easy to find. And if your remote worker is traveling or working from a location with a spotty Internet connection you want to know that you can reach them at anytime, but without a solid connection, the lines of communication may go quiet. A new tool, so small that it can fit inside of your pocket, ensures that your remote workers will always have a Wi-Fi connection, whatever their location. KarmaGo can connect to up to eight devices and it offers 220 hours of battery life, as well as ultra-fast 4G LTE speeds. This is a must in today’s fast-paced business world.

Most small business don’t have a big business budget that allows them to cover the travel expenses of remote workers to visit home base for meetings or other company gatherings., an online meeting and web conferencing tool can connect you with all of your remote employees in just minutes, no expensive travel fare required. Companies like Pinterest, TOMS, Zenefits and OpenTable have all used The video conferencing tool is free, however it you want more access to certain features such as audio conferencing or premium meeting capabilities, there is a monthly fee. The technology is compatible across multiple devices, from desktops to tablets and even smartphones, so you can connect with your remote workers seamlessly.


Oftentimes, small business remote workers are required to wear many hats. Udemy’s online courses allow employees to learn new skills that can help your team do more. With more than 32,000 courses available, employees can learn to code, master Excel or Java or even brush up on their marketing skills. All the courses are online so your remote teams can learn valuable skills anywhere, during a time that works best with their schedule.

Posted on November 4th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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