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The Savvy Business Owner’s Guide: How to Know What You Need When You Need it.

Even the savviest business owners need help at some point. If you’ve identified a need but are unsure about outsourcing certain projects, hiring a virtual assistant is the solution. Understanding what your business needs to be successful is essential to streamlining your work output. If you are a savvy business owner with keen ideas, hiring a highly skilled VA can increase your productivity, provide immediate results and save you time and money.

What does a VA do?

Virtual assistants are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who work remotely for your business to provide you with assistance for a variety of needs. They can ensure meetings take place on time, prepare material for upcoming meetings, optimize travel schedules and make accommodations. Furthermore, a VA can offer you insight on how to streamline traditional administrative projects or tasks.

How do you know you need a VA?

If you are struggling with finding qualified local talent or have experienced a high turnover rate with former administrative assistants, hiring a VA can give you exactly what you need with less stress. Typically, business owners find their job duties expanding while their current staff is already overwhelmed with vital projects. Hiring a VA can save you the time that goes into hiring a fulltime employee by alleviating the expenses incurred with the traditional hiring process.

More than just administrative services

As modern business owners strive to stay current, adding virtual services such as social media, business management and website design can keep you competitive. Using all the tools available is essential to meeting goals but knowing how to use them is necessary. CVA strives to meet the needs for a growing business by offering a variety of service packages. Click on links below for more information on how CVA can increase your bottom line.

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistance

Having a solid social media marketing plan is imperative for business owners in the modern world. Executing your plan is even more important. If your business is lacking a solid social media plan let the professional VAs develop a customized plan for you. Hiring a VA to assist with this aspect can ensure your social media presence is current and constant. Additionally, VAs can optimize your outgoing content, write blog posts and increase followers

Online Business Management

If you are ignoring your core projects because routine business operations are taking up too much time, hiring a VA can help. Launching new products, managing a business start-up, or managing branding efforts a skilled VA can enhance your ability to focus on core projects.

Website Development and Design

A good website comes from knowing how to use technology as a lever to enhance your business goals. If you need help designing or developing an engaging website for your business, hiring a highly trained professional VA to help will free up time so you can focus on creating revenue. From graphic design needs to website and platform coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.) virtual assistants can bring your business to the forefront of modern technology tools.

For more information about the service packages and more, visit CVA today

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Posted on November 2nd, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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