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Today is the Tomorrow You Put Off Yesterday!

How long have you been putting off all those pesky little jobs that need to be done but you just don’t feel like doing them? It’s like cleaning out the junk drawers of your life. You’re going to get around to it – one day. Meantime the little bits and pieces keep getting tossed aside and subconsciously there is a burden on your shoulders growing, ever so silently, larger and larger.

Welcome to today the tomorrow of yesterday! Make a decision now to let go of putting things off. Whether they are the big things that you just don’t want to face or the tiny little nit-picky administrative things that seem insignificant at the moment but are still important, they must all be addressed. Today decide to work on a plan of attack.

First Things First

Get a clear picture of what really needs to be done. If you are like many procrastinators, your head is full of all that you’ve been postponing. But, do you really know what those items are? The first thing to do is get some clarity around these nebulous tasks floating around your brain. Sit down and get comfortable; let it all bubble to the top of your mind. Write out everything that comes up. Don’t think something is so large you’ll remember or so small it doesn’t matter. Write it all down. This list will inform you of your next steps.


You’ve heard it again and again. Prioritize! It is definitely worth repeating. When you have made out your list of all the things that need to be done, look at it with an eye toward what the priorities are in terms of accomplishment, not in terms of your schedule. You may find that you have been putting off small things that really need to be addressed before they turn into larger problems. By the same token, there may be big projects that loom large in your mind, but when compared to the urgency of other items on your list you may be able to give them less priority.


Chances are you may feel a little overwhelmed once you get some clarity over all the things that have been rolling around in your brain. That’s to be expected. It’s also why making a list of all those things is so important. Now you’ve put it all out there and you can see clearly what you are up against. The good news is you don’t have to do it all. In fact, there are many things you can delegate and move off your plate. When you have a qualified, dependable person in your corner, you will accomplishment so much more than when you are completely self-dependent.

Rest Easy

All of your administrative and business management projects can easily be handed off to a Virtual Assistant. VAs can also handle your social media projects, graphic designing, website development and content and more. There’s no need to hire multiple people for the different aspects of the job. Many VAs are well-versed in several areas.

You can rest easy knowing the projects are getting done in a timely manner with excellence. As you develop a great working relationship with your VA, you’ll find that you won’t be procrastinating as much because you have the help you need to keep moving forward.

photo credit: Bill Ward’s Brickpile

Posted on December 7th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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