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Virtual Assistants: Your New Friend with Benefits

If you are struggling to focus on your core business goals the culprit might be the combination of small tasks that add up to a large chunk of your valuable time. Every business owner reaches a point where needing help seems inevitable. As your business grows, so should you ability to focus on core projects that bring in revenue. What you need is an extra set of hands but without the hassle of hiring a new full-time employee.

How your business benefits from hiring a VA

One of the major benefits of hiring a professional VA is you now have long periods of uninterrupted time that can be utilized to focus on your vital business ventures. With an array of valuable skills ready to be utilized, virtual assistants are proficient in numerous areas that can easily make your bottom line shine.

How you save time and money

Because your VA is outsourced, you save on hiring a full-time employee. This saves you both time and money. Interviewing and placing job ads can add up fast. Additionally, you don’t have pay for health insurance or pay employment taxes. For most business owners the addition of a new employee means adding more space. When you hire a virtual assistant they come with the benefit of virtual space. If you work remotely this arrangement may be the perfect solution for your growing business needs.

What can a VA do for you?

Now that you have a good understanding of what skills a VA has, the key is to making it work for you. Whether you need help with social media or managing your website, VAs come highly trained and ready to assist with your specific business needs.

Administrative Assistance: Having an assistant can easily free up time that you would normally spend on time consuming tasks. VAs can manage company email, schedule appointments, manage business correspondence, data entry and assist with bookkeeping needs.

Social Media Assistance: A professional VA that specializes in social media marketing can help your business with brand awareness, help you obtain new clients and retain existing clients. Your VA can assist you with planning efforts and schedule all your social media marketing for Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. Additionally, a VA can research content, monitor usage and engage users. If you need help with social media mediums and want to find ways to increase your social media visibility consider the Social Media Marketing Jumpstart package from CVA.

Website Design and Administration Resources: Having a good website is vital to growing your business. The downside of having a business website is the time consuming maintenance. Hiring a VA that is skilled in website design and administration can save you both time and money. Additionally, your VA can write, research and post new information to your company blog. Development and Design packages are available to help your business stay current and reduce in-house costs.

Marketing Assistance: Having an excellent business marketing plan is essential for all business owners to have. Separate from your social media marketing, a professional VA can launch marketing campaigns, track success, use email campaign outlets such as Constant Contact and ensure your email lists are impeccable. Moreover, a VA can help you promote your blog and manage the time consuming aspects of managing a website.

For more information regarding Contemporary Virtual Assistance packages specifically designed for your business needs click here.

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Posted on December 1st, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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