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The Five Types of Business Travelers

handsome businessman handing over air ticket at airline check in counter

handsome business traveler handing over air ticket at airline check in counter

After studying the characteristics of business travelers, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) found that there are five distinct groups of business travelers. Here is how the GBTA classified business travelers: the veteran, road weary, wide-eyed and anxious, passionate high-tech and new recruits. Of these classifications, the study found a few similarities. Most notably, business travelers across all classifications are tech-savvy, especially with tech that helps them keep in contact with families and friends. Forty-six percent of all business travelers stated that being in contact is the most important thing to them on business trips, even over business-related outcomes and travel experience.

The rise of smartphones like the iPhone 6s has made it much easier to achieve this goal. The newest iPhone, which has become the go-to device for business travelers, is also great for getting work done fast while on the road. Among other things, the iPhone’s 3D Touch allows for easier navigation and reduces the time it takes to complete tasks.

What kind of business traveler are you? And what kind of business traveler do you want to be? Here is a closer look at the classifications.

The Veteran

About one-third of all business travelers fall into this classification. These are the most experienced travelers. Travel warriors take 12 trips a year or more and enjoy traveling for work. Their trips average four days. Veteran travelers tend to be older than the other classifications. They are high-mileage travelers who most likely hold a C-Suite position. Veterans expect their travel to be streamlined and can navigate an airport like nobody else.

Road Weary

The road weary business traveler averages 15 business trips a year and frequently returns to the same destinations. Since almost all of their travel is domestic, this classification travels in a car as much as they do any other mode of transportation. Therefore, they are more reluctant to travel than the veteran group as their trips take more of a toll on them. Road weary travelers tend to be lower level management and from smaller companies. Staying safe and in contact with family are the two most important factors for them.

Wide-eyed and Anxious

These less experienced business travelers tend to experience more issues while traveling. While wide-eyed and anxious travelers enjoy traveling for work, it tends to make them nervous. Their top two concerns: safety and navigating new cities.

Passionate High-Tech

The majority of these business travelers are between the ages of 18 and 34, making them some of the youngest travelers on the list. They are the most tech-savvy of the group and most of their travel is done internationally. Unlike the road weary, this group is enthusiastic about travel – almost all of them find traveling makes their job more exciting.

The New Recruits

Sixty percent of the new recruits are under the age of 34, which makes them, on average, the youngest group of business travelers. Still, this group of travelers find themselves away for longer periods of time – from six days to one month at a time. Think Anna Kendrick’s character from the movie “Up in the Air.”

Posted on January 1st, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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