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Business Conferences: The Value of Networking

When you are running your own business, networking is the key to growing and spreading the word about your services. Meeting new people at business conferences helps you get out of your current network and spread out into different areas that you would otherwise never be able to reach.

  • Learning from peers. You can learn from people who are at your same stage of business. Sharing the different strategies you have used and hearing theirs will spark new ideas in your mind to get you motivated to try new things. They may also be able to help you process through things that aren’t working.
  • Learn from experts. Usually going to a conference means hearing from someone who has been in your shoes and something they took action on helped them to be successful. Keep in mind that they didn’t get there in a day and didn’t do it by themselves. Also make sure to take good notes from these keynote speakers and pick three things that you can implement into your business to get it going in the direction of your own success.
  • Renewed Motivation. Speaking to all these new people and hearing fresh, new ideas will get you excited to get back to your business and put these ideas to work. You will be motivated by inspiring stories and anxious to see how the different tips will help you grow in your business and strengthen your client base. Keeping a visual of that motivation you learned about will be a good reminder when you are back in your own business chair.
  • Have your Virtual Assistant available. Having an assistant working for you while you are at the conference will help you to be more focused on the conference. They can help handle the details of the business while you are away and start scheduling the new prospects that you meet. They can get your to-do list ready for you to be ready to act on when you get home from the conference.

Getting your business off of the ground is going to take more than just you. Having your Virtual Assistant on duty will help you to be present and worry free at a conference. Not only will you be able to learn great things and make new connections, your V.A. will help you to sort out all your new leads and goals for your business when you get back.

photo credit: dkalo

Posted on February 2nd, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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