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Use Google Hangouts for Virtual Meetings

You are a busy person and so are your clients. In today’s business world, you may even be countries apart. Yet, face to face interaction still counts for something in this digital age. When you can’t meet in person, the next best thing is a video conference call and Google Hangouts is a simple, free, reliable option.

There are many virtual meeting options out there besides Google Hangouts, the top two being Skype and GotoMeeting. One of the main things Google offers is group connectivity and screen sharing for free. You will have to pay for some or all of these features on the other two options. Google Hangouts also proves to be a very reliable service, with their servers being able to handle the video bandwidth that some others seem to fail at. Google is also much easier for your clients to get started with, whether they are tech savvy or not.

If you have a Google profile, it will be easy to get your virtual meetings started. Just enter the emails of your clients or team members to invite them. They won’t need an account, though many people already use Google. All they will need to do is download a simple plug-in to connect onto your Google Hangout. Having this virtual meeting with 5-10 people is a breeze. Plus, you could also host a mini conference by having many attendees simply listening in.

You may not have a tech savvy bone in your body. The other thing that might limit you in getting started with this technology is time. Having your Virtual Assistant set up your Google Hangout will be a task they can do easily, leaving you less to worry about. Let your V.A. schedule the time with your clients or team members, send out the meeting link, and prepare any documents or screens that you may want to screen share during the meeting. To make the entire Hangout goes smoothly, include them in on the meeting with you to help you along is issues arise.

Using Google Hangouts for virtual meetings is a great choice for your business. It will save you time and money, while meeting your needs connection with your team or clients. Having a virtual meeting will also help you build stronger relationships with your clients, by having that face-to-face time with them which is so critical developing trust. This simple but effective platform can be a great tool for your business.

photo credit: meneame comunicacions, sl

Posted on February 8th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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