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Have You Updated Your Online Profiles Lately?

Is that really necessary? Which profiles? How frequently should updating profiles be done? These are all good questions when it comes to updating your online profiles.

The answer? It depends on your business.

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Finding and Trusting Your VA

Trust the right virtual assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a little scary for many entrepreneurs, because it means trusting your VA with your business, goals, and dreams when you’ve never actually ‘met’ in person. They can feel like a stranger at first.

When I begin working with clients, I first schedule an introductory call. During the call, I ask questions that will help me get to know the client’s business and various tasks they need help with. I also ask questions that will help me understand the big picture – the why of their business. The why is a valuable North Star for any client, so it is something I always strive to understand.

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Is Outsourcing on the Menu for 2016?

One of the main benefits of outsourcing tasks is you can sit at your dining room table and not have to worry about whether or not the minutia of your business is performed with excellence. If you have outsourced to a skilled and experienced virtual assistant, it is.

Some common tasks delegated to virtual assistants are jumpstarting social media profiles, event planning, launching an online coaching program for those in your business, management of projects or operations that are not your favorites, automated personal marketing strategies, website developments and designs, and copywriting.

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Detection & Reaction are Key When Dealing with a Cyber Attack


As a small business owner with an active website, you are probably concerned about a cyber attack. Unfortunately, you have good reason to worry. As Business News Daily notes, while the big breaches such as Target make the news, small businesses are a favorite of hackers. For example, small businesses have a stronger online presence than a single person, but they tend to have far less security than larger companies.

In order to make sure that your company isn’t destroyed by hackers, it’s important to have not only certain precautions in place, but also a rock solid response and plan in place should the worst happen. Consider the following precautions and responses:

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Create A Strategic Social Media Plan

strategic social media

Social media is an important piece of every business marketing plan and as the foundations of social media grow, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and new channels emerge, it’s important to have a strategic social media plan in place to be successful.

Working with a Virtual Assistant to create a solid strategic social media plan begins with setting goals, analyzing metrics and making the necessary changes to see a return on your social media investment and success!

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Expand your LinkedIn Presence with Showcase Pages

So you’re at your wit’s end on how to expand the presence of your business. It’s okay. That’s actually a more frequently overlooked problem than many might realize. That’s why a virtual assistance is here. Virtual assistance is a service that helps start you getting beyond wits and down to business.

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