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Finding and Trusting Your VA

Trust the right virtual assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a little scary for many entrepreneurs, because it means trusting your VA with your business, goals, and dreams when you’ve never actually ‘met’ in person. They can feel like a stranger at first.

When I begin working with clients, I first schedule an introductory call. During the call, I ask questions that will help me get to know the client’s business and various tasks they need help with. I also ask questions that will help me understand the big picture – the why of their business. The why is a valuable North Star for any client, so it is something I always strive to understand.

I began working with a client who is an author and coach and after our initial call, she felt much more confident that I understood her business, her needs, and her goals, which formed a solid foundation for our working relationship. I helped the client get organized by streamlining as many aspects of her business as possible. Once I was able to identify what the client was working toward, it became much easier to pinpoint which systems and processes would work best for her business.

Once we had implemented appropriate systems, we began the journey to setting up her online courses – a longtime goal this client had that almost felt unreachable to her. Like many of our clients, this budding entrepreneur has a day job that keeps her pretty busy, so this is where the power of a VA really shone. The client provided me with access to systems already in place and a few files of content, and while she was busy with other things, I began planting her first online course. Over a period of time that course outgrew the client’s expectations and she was beyond thrilled with the end result! Today, we are building on the success of her first course with a few more that are in the works.

The client is no longer strapped for time – in fact, she has had the opportunity to begin her own unique podcasts, while I take care of the daily management of her regular online duties.

While it may seem like a scary jump for some entrepreneurs, working with a VA can open many doors that may have never seemed possible amidst all of the day-to-day tasks. While you may never meet face-to-face, you can rest assured that CVA can provide you with a VA who is always there to support you and work towards your dreams.

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Posted on March 23rd, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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