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Have You Updated Your Online Profiles Lately?

Is that really necessary? Which profiles? How frequently should updating profiles be done? These are all good questions when it comes to updating your online profiles.

The answer? It depends on your business.

If you are a well-established business with a well-received brand, only minimal changes should occur in your primary business sites. No need to risk an already good thing for what’s trendy. However, if you are noticing an inconsistency in the messages across your platforms, it’d be smart to update. If you question whether that consistency is there, it’d be wise to ask your virtual assistant or another person not as close to your business to compare them with a more objective eye.

Look at the primary business profiles that reflect the benefits of your products and services, and values of your business: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and any others that you use. And don’t forget the profile on the About page of your own website. LinkedIn and your website should be reviewed and updated at least annually. Other sites might need more frequent changes.

Balance is key.

A fad or trend might be ideal to include in your updates, but really, only if the fad or trend actually relates to your business. Otherwise it can have a polarizing effect that has your business presence fading with the fad. Those campaign-style updates to profiles are where sites like Twitter or Instagram come to play. Those two sites are all about trends and are the best places to speak on something that might have a temporary value to your business. Your Twitter and Instagram profiles are short, just like tweets, but it is the minimalism that makes them readable to those who see them. It also makes them easy to update and change your profiles.

Updating your own website is essential.

Your website is the main face of your business, not Facebook, not Google, not Twitter, not Instagram. These are great connection points, but your site is your full business profile. Your website profile should be your first update. Updates on your social media profiles should mirror your portrayal on your website.

Your virtual assistant can help you setup your online profiles and keep these profiles up to date. It is one of the many tasks that are easily delegated, freeing you up to focus on running your business.

photo credit: nan palmero

Posted on March 30th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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