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5 Clever (and time-saving) Online Tools That Employers and Virtual Assistants Should Know About

But even with a trusted virtual assistant doing the non-critical tasks, short cuts and time savers that a service provider can implement on a business’ behalf is still a must. Savvy entrepreneurs know that utilizing “helper tools” is also the key to keeping costs down and their virtual assistant workers as efficient as possible.  Here are five Clever (and time-saving) Online Tools That Employers and Virtual Assistants Should Know About:

Start a Fire App: This app allows the content curation sharing that is advised on social media, without completely sending readers away from your own content. This free app allows the user to create a special “Start a Fire” link when directing readers or followers to an article of interest that is not affiliate directly with your business.  When the reader visits the link, a small badge will pop up in the corner of the page reminding the reader that you too have amazing information to share on your site. When juggling multiple social media accounts, Hootsuite can be a time saver. Designed as a dashboard, it allows users to pull in multiple social media accounts and schedule Tweets and updates into the future. This allows busy freelancers the option of having visibility for their biz on social media without having to “babysit” their channels. The paid version of Hootsuite allows users to import their list from Twitter and create “streams” on your dashboard for specific hashtag searches or keywords. DropBox is a collaborative platform that is the perfect place for virtual assistants, freelancers or business pros to share, add and access files between clients and team members. This handy tool also eliminates the time lost hunting for lost emails because it keeps all files “in the cloud” and very accessible to everyone involved in the project. DropBox is also great place to store and share images with your clients or team members. Trello is a very simple and free task management application that can help virtual assistants and small business owners who manage small group projects stay on track. Using Trello reduces the “who’s doing what again?” or “what is the status of this project?” confusion because it gives project managers the information they need in real time. This tool is also a time-saver for virtual assistants who can use the free tool to track assignments that need attention and keep tabs on projects due dates.

Carbonite: For critical work files, Carbonite online backup protects the most important digital assets and information automatically and continuously. This “must have” productivity tool gives freelancers and entrepreneurs the peace of mind of knowing their most important pieces of their online business are safely tucked in the cloud at all times. So if your VA’s laptop does decide to go south, the moments of panic will be few since all critical files, images and information have been automatically backed up into the cloud where they can be easily retrieved.

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Posted on April 15th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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