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The Biggest Mistake Business Professionals Make When Outsourcing Their Social Media

Outsourcing important business growth tasks like social media management and scheduling makes smart business sense for the already time-starved entrepreneur. Social media is critically important to the growth and visibility of any business while also being an effective way of driving traffic back to a website. As easy as it is to hand this project off to a qualified Virtual Assistant (VA), business professionals often makes the assumption that their new hire will “know what to do” when it comes to proper social networking on behalf of their business.

The biggest mistake business professionals can make when outsourcing their social media is not being clear on their vision for the project and what they hope to achieve with a vibrant social media presence. Many marketers and business owners are mistaken in thinking that, if they own a Twitter account and their VA schedules tweets on it occasionally, they are “doing” social media. So before your new VA gets started using accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, here are four important points of information to pass on to your VA:

  1. Share the Plan: Business professionals realize that social media is necessary and effective, but too many jump into social media because “they know they should” and do so without clear plan or strategy. To avoid wasting time online or worse yet, annoying your business’ followers/connections/Likers, take the time to create a social media plan that shares your expectations for the project and includes details like frequency of posting, optimum times of day and when end result of an applicable social media campaign will look like.
  2. Ascertain Where Your Ideal Clients Are Spending Time: Many business owners have the urge to jump in and attempt to maintain all social media channels with the belief that more is better. A better tactic is to identify their ideal client and which social media platform that client is likely to be spending time. Identifying one or two main social media channels, and directing their VA to focus on those channels, is a more efficient way to use social media.
  3. It’s Not “All About Me”: Nothing will turn potential customers and followers off faster than a constant barrage of YOUR sale, YOUR deals, YOUR accomplishments. Take the time to participate in social media discussions, but also advise your VA to share relevant articles from other sources. Practice the 80/20 rule of sharing – 80% of curated content from relevant sources and 20% of your own information.
  4. Missing the “Social” Part of Social Media: It’s great to be active on social media channels, but users need to remember to be themselves. This can be a little more challenging when you are relying on someone else to share your business facts, stories, and victories. By encouraging your VA to take the time to research and learn as much as possible about your company, they will be able to share social media content that will reflect your culture and the true voice of your business.

Social media for the most part may be free, but it takes time and commitment to make it effective and vibrant.  Make sure everyone is on the same page before outsourcing your social media management.

photo credit: mkhmarketing

Posted on April 25th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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