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Is Your Blog Helping or Hurting?

Blogs can be a challenging component of a business, but an important inbound marketing tool. If you have created a business blog, you’ve done the first important step. But there are important aspects of having and maintaining a business that need to be kept in mind.

When visitors go to your blog what do they see? Does it have regular posts on a weekly or monthly basis? Out of date or sporadic blog posts can make a negative impression on potential customers. If you aren’t reliable and consistent about updating your blog, how can they trust you to be reliable and consistent in your other business practices?

The other important reason for consistent posting to your blog is to improve your position on search engine listings. The search engines give better ratings to websites that are consistently adding new content to their pages. Consistent blog posting fits the bill for new content on your website.

Set a schedule for blog posts that you can keep. If you need help fulfilling that commitment, outsource your blog writing and posting to a virtual assistant and scratch it off your to-do list.

Now that you have consistent posts going up on your blog, it is time to look at the content that you are using. You may not fully realize the different ways that blog posts can benefit your online marketing efforts. Besides the new content factor, your blog posts can be a great way to improve SEO through the use of targeted keywords.

If you want to make sure you rank high in searches for your service locations, using geographical keyword terms in your blogs can help you strengthen your ranking. If you are targeting specific keywords in your online marketing, utilizing those keywords in your blog titles and blog content can greatly improve your organic search results as well as tie in with your paid search advertising. An experienced SEO copywriter or virtual assistant can make sure your blogs are making proper use of SEO keyword placement.

As important as SEO ranking is, your blog still needs to actually attract readers. To do that, your content needs to provide informational or entertainment value to your readers. Choose topics potential customers would be interested in. Make sure the writing is of good, readable quality. Be sure to make your posts easy to share on social media to broaden your reach.

Do you need a blog for your business? Yes! But make sure your blog is helping your business, not hurting it.

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Posted on April 11th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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