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The Client Advocate Team – More Than Just Customer Support

More Than Just Customer Support, Brainstorm

When you see the term Customer Support (or as we like to say Client Advocate) what comes to mind?  Typically, what you think of is that this department is there to be your voice, ensure you are satisfied, and assist you with resolving questions or issues.  But the Client Advocate Team at Contemporary VA is more than just customer support.  A key CVA Core value is “Our clients’ success is our success” and members of our Client Advocate team enjoy conducting brainstorming calls with clients to help them reach their business goals and be successful.

Below are a couple examples of topics that our Client Advocate Team have navigated through during client brainstorming strategy calls:

How Can I Use My VA: During a recent brainstorming call I discovered a client was struggling with how to best utilize their VA.  This client’s high level projects had been completed and they were unsure how their VA would continue to fit into their team.  During our call we talked about everything the client was doing on a day-to-day basis.  We discovered several tasks, including handling logistics and posting to social media, that the client could use assistance with.  We talked about handing over her travel preferences and dates for the full year to her VA so that her upcoming travel plans could be efficiently managed.  We also discussed having her VA create a social media plan for her business, allowing the VA to utilize social media based upon the client’s wishes.  Providing support to discuss how a VA can assist with the mundane daily tasks of her business, freed up some of the client’s time to focus on higher level business goals.

How Can My VA Help Me Reach My Goals: In another brainstorming call, the client and I discussed annual business goals she wanted to achieve, some of which were quite aggressive and detailed.  One of those goals included expanding her presence across the world of social media.  The client was unsure how she could reach a bigger audience and market her different businesses without being ‘pushy’ or too ‘salesy’.  We talked about tactics that we have observed were successful in the markets she is a part of.  We then discussed how her VA could create a social media plan and research new ideas to implement to achieve this particular goal.  By the end of our call, the client was very excited to have her VA get started on this project and her VA was even more eager to assist the client towards reaching one of her business goals.

So, while the Client Advocate Team’s primary role certainly is to ensure that our clients are having a positive experience, we are here to ensure that our clients are moving forward, succeeding and growing each and every day!

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Posted on April 20th, 2016 by Client Advocate Team

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