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Making the Most of Your VA Hours

Every company needs to keep an eye on their budget and make the most of money spent on services. This includes the money you designate from your budget to hire a Virtual Assistant. Like all expenses, you want to get the most for your dollar when you use a VA service. While the quality of VA you hire is part of that equation (we only employ top quality VAs at CVA!), another aspect is how you interact and communicate with your VA. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the hours you spend for your VA.

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Author’s Platform – 3,2,1 Launch!

They say writing a book is the easy part; marketing the book is much tougher. That’s why my client, having just published her first book, came to me for help. My client hadn’t worked with a Virtual Assistant prior to this project, so she really didn’t know what to expect.

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5 Top Virtual Assistant Specialties

None of us are good at everything. With Virtual Assistants, you do not have to choose just one VA to work with you. You can have the best VA working for each area of your business. Here are five specialties in the contemporary business world: social media, customer relations management, project management, business management and copywriting.

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6 Tasks Virtual Assistants Do That Might Surprise You

When you think of a Virtual Assistant (VA), you probably have in your mind all their capabilities and know exactly what things they can help you with. Like most people, VAs can be very versatile in their skills and abilities. The following are 6 tasks that you might not have known VAs are able to help you with in your business.

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Short Term Needs? CVA’s Packages Can Help!

Packages, Social Media, Telesummit, Infusionsoft

CVA offers packages in social media, telesummit support, JigsawBox set up, and Infusionsoft set up and maintenance. Many new package clients that come to CVA choose to stay with us after their package is complete due to the strong sense of support and accomplishment received from our staff of highly skilled VA’s! Each of CVA’s packages provide the key components to make your summit or program a success!

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How Do Entrepreneurs Develop Their Innovative Ideas?


Marketing guru, best-selling author and serial entrepreneur Seth Godin famously ran his own six-month MBA school and asked his students to develop a list of ideas to prove ideas, by themselves, are a dime a dozen — and that the money is truly in the execution. The result was a running list of 998 business ideas, published online, for anyone to use.

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