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5 Top Virtual Assistant Specialties

None of us are good at everything. With Virtual Assistants, you do not have to choose just one VA to work with you. You can have the best VA working for each area of your business. Here are five specialties in the contemporary business world: social media, customer relations management, project management, business management and copywriting.

Social Media

Social media experts cater your social media profiles to pitch your business in a fashion that will be most ideal for your business. These experts can do everything from disseminating your content to writing the very content that exists on your profiles. After optimizing your profiles, these experts seek out followers for you whose follows and likes encourage more follows and likes. Social media is a complicated web of networking that really benefit from a specialist.

Customer Relations

People skills. Customers do not like to feel like a customer or a fan or a follower. Customers want to know that they have value as a person. VAs who specialize in customer relations know how much interaction a customer needs in order to feel as if they are an important part of the business.

Project Management

Whether you are spinning multiple projects, have a big picture dream you want to accomplish, or simply are unsure of how to get more efficient in project management, a virtual assistant who is skilled in organization, dedication, and collaboration can bring big benefits to your business.

Business Management

Very few of us feel comfortable marketing ourselves. A virtual assistant business management specialist can handle your business promotion. Bookkeeping is another area of business management that bogs down many business owners. Many VAs can take on your bookkeeping tasks and keep your accounting up to date for you.


Very little makes your business shine more than a well-written piece. Visuals only go so far when explaining your business. Even if your business is in visuals, eventually, you’ve got to use words. A good copywriter as virtual assistant can take a few looks at your business, know what you are saying, and put that in just the right words.

photo credit: @DeeInna

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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