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6 Tasks Virtual Assistants Do That Might Surprise You

When you think of a Virtual Assistant (VA), you probably have in your mind all their capabilities and know exactly what things they can help you with. Like most people, VAs can be very versatile in their skills and abilities. The following are 6 tasks that you might not have known VAs are able to help you with in your business.

  1. Ghost blogging. Keeping your blog updated can be a hard task to keep up on a weekly basis. Your VA can help you by writing as a ghost blogger. Working with you and your company will give them more knowledge to be able to write on your blog and keep it relevant for your business and potential clients.
  2. Coding webpages. You may be able to write a simple blog post, but making any other type of adjustments to the website may be beyond you. Your VA can add some HTML/CSS codes to make your posts pop and add more than just bland text, for you and your readers
  3. Travel Planner. Making plans for a business trip can be such a big, time consuming job. Having a VA who knows your schedule and has the time to do the research can be a big help. Let them book your hotel, flight, and car rental, so that you can work on the business side of your trip.
  4. Website Updates. Keeping your website up to date can be a full time job. Making sure the information is relevant and adding links to past posts can be something that your VA can keep an eye on. They can also make sure that plugin updates are run, so that your site will run smoothly and secure.
  5. Clean up your Inbox. Your email inbox can easily get out of hand when you get hundreds of emails a day. Let your VA help you weed through and unsubscribe from the spam and make a usable folder system for your important emails.
  6. Graphic design. There are many VAs that list graphic design as one of their skills. They can help you design dynamic PDF or Powerpoint presentations to help sell your brand.

VAs are always good for scheduling, social media posting, or bookkeeping, but they can also be good at many other tasks that you need to hand off. You can keep focused on your clients and success in your business, while your VA works their magic in ways that will surprise you.

photo credit: JefferyTurner

Posted on May 20th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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