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Making the Most of Your VA Hours

Every company needs to keep an eye on their budget and make the most of money spent on services. This includes the money you designate from your budget to hire a Virtual Assistant. Like all expenses, you want to get the most for your dollar when you use a VA service. While the quality of VA you hire is part of that equation (we only employ top quality VAs at CVA!), another aspect is how you interact and communicate with your VA. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the hours you spend for your VA.

Limit Verbal Conversations

While many people prefer to communicate through email or other written correspondence for work, there are some that still prefer to discuss issues verbally. While a verbal conversation on the phone or through Skype may be required for some situations, it should be limited to maximize the time your VA can dedicate to focusing on your projects. Having a conversation verbally requires all of their attention, where with other forms of communication they can multi-task and continue to be productive.

Give Your VA a Chance to Respond

Your VA is busy and most likely has other clients to service. Your needs are important, but so are those of other clients that pay for the same VA’s services. If you have left an email or a voicemail requiring your VA to respond, give them the chance to get back to you. Leaving more messages in quick succession will only deter them further as they catch up on the communication coming in from different clients.

Give Concise, Detailed Instructions

Time is often wasted due to unclear instructions for a task. While you know exactly what you want completed by your VA, keep in mind there can be many different ways to interpret vague instructions. Give your VA concise, detailed instructions for each project in written form so they can refer back to them when needed. This can help eliminate misunderstandings and ensure the project is completed on time and within your specifications.

Set Priorities on Tasks

If your VA is handling several projects for you, make sure you prioritize these tasks. While it may seem clear to you that one item takes priority over another, it may not occur to them. Simplify the issue by letting your VA know what tasks have the highest priority and set clear deadlines for completion.

At CVA, we want you to get the most value out of the hours you designate to one of our Virtual Assistants. Clear communication is key to getting the most bang for your VA buck.

photo credit: kevin dooley

Posted on May 31st, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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