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Tips for Using Trello to Stay Organized

There are lots of apps and systems to help you keep your life and business organized, but how do you decide which one to choose? Many of our devices even come with a preinstalled, simple list app, but you may want something with more bells and whistles to take care of all your needs. That’s where Trello can help.

Trello is a free project management app available on your devices and accessible from your personal computer. Apple, Android, and more, Trello is able to work with you on many devices and your favorite operating system. It syncs automatically, which makes it easier on you. This app not only lists the text you input but you can also add pictures for a better visual reference or upload files that are necessary for your project.

The organizational features of Trello make it a key organizational tool for your business. You can make separate boards for different projects, plus the option to have different lists within that board. Labels give you the ability to add key terms to different lists, making it easy to search on a later date. The due date feature will help you stay on task with what you need to get done today, this week or this month.

Trello isn’t only for you. You can add members to your lists. Need your virtual assistant to take over a task? Just add them as a member. They not only see what you need, but can comment with questions or feedback. With the automatic notifications you will know exactly what is going on with the project you handed off and when it is completed.

In addition to all these great features, Trello gives you Power-ups that are free features that you can decide to turn on or not. With Trello Gold and Trello Business Class you can pay to add even more design features that they provide or upload your own. You can also get extra Power-ups that connect to other services like Google Drive or Evernote and take advantage of advanced security features.

Trello is a great organizational app for everyone because you can make it as simple or complex as you want. With immediate syncing and notifications, this app will make a great tool for your team to use on all your upcoming projects and tasks. Saving you and your virtual assistant precious time and helping you be more successful in your business.

photo credit: oskay

Posted on May 10th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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