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As an entrepreneur, my client, owner of a language training service, knew that social media was an important piece of her online marketing. She had her social media profiles setup, but there had been limited or no activity on them during the last year. She came to me to assist her in this important area, so her business could continue to grow.

Having worked with a Virtual Assistant (VA) before, my client was great at communicating her needs to me and providing specific deadlines for the tasks she wanted accomplished. I loved her enthusiastic response each time I marked a task complete or offered a suggestion for improving the efficiency of her social media marketing process.

Progress in Just Two Weeks

We started with a full review of where each social media platform stood in terms of use. Then I developed a strategy for launching our first campaign. We had that ready to put in place within two weeks.

To keep my client informed and in ultimate control of the process, I created a shared spreadsheet where I recorded what was being posted and when. I have found my clients are more at ease in delegating tasks to their VA when they have a visual overview of the actual work flow.

The Ongoing Process

We are continuing to work on integrating her website with her social media to offer more efficiency and planning out a schedule for revitalizing her Facebook presence. Meanwhile, I have been able to take some additional tasks off her plate by taking over the posting of blogs to her website. Eventually, I may take on the writing of the blog posts as well, as I gain a better understanding of her business and the voice and style she uses in her blog articles.

There is always great satisfaction in working with clients who are appreciative and excited about what you accomplish for them and their business. I look forward to seeing my client’s business grow and prosper as our marketing strategies pay off.

photo credit: Sarah.Marshall

Posted on June 8th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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