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Pitching In to Meet Project Deadlines

As the owner of a small web design company, my client is used to wearing multiple hats and staying on top of all her client’s projects. When she called on me for help, she was finding herself spread too thin to accomplish all that needed to be done before looming deadlines.

Critical Skill Requirements

In her case, my website design experience was one of the critical skills she was looking for. She needed someone who would understand what needed to be done on her projects with minimal direction from her. She also needed someone with project management skills to compliment that knowledge; someone who could communicate with her web development team and keep them on task. I fit the bill in that area, by stepping in to be the voice of my client and ensuring her visions were achieved.

The fast-paced environment of website design and development is exhilarating to me. It is the perfect combination of creative design skills and technical know-how. Clients are always anxious to get their new websites online, so deadlines are often short and demanding. I thrive when given the opportunity to contribute and work as part of their team.

Perfectionism Has Its Rewards

There are times when being a perfectionist can be a negative trait, as it isn’t always attainable. In this situation, where everything needed to be precise, with little time for revisions, my perfectionism was a definite strength. I was able to turn in projects without need for corrections or revisions while still meeting the tight deadlines.

My client was also wonderful to work with. She clearly outlined her needs and expectations, which makes my job of supporting her much easier. She openly expressed her appreciation for the benefits I provided to her business during this critical period, especially how my services freed her up to handle her top priorities.

photo credit: Luigi Mengato

Posted on June 22nd, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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