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Top 5 Qualities of a Professional VA

When you finally decide that it’s time to hire a virtual assistant for your company, you want to make sure you get the right person. There are lots of people willing to “help,” but how do you know they are really qualified? You will be giving them vital information about your business and need to make sure you are placing it in the right hands. Here are 5 top qualities you should look for when hiring a virtual assistant.

  1. Dependable. When you have to spent so much time and money getting your business up and running, you want to make sure you are only bringing people in that you can trust. Your virtual assistant may be dealing with top clients, privy company information, and even your money. All great reasons to make sure that they have good references from their past employers.
  2. Organized. You already have too many plates spinning in your business. You don’t want another plate you have to manage. Your virtual assistant should be able to take several things off your shoulders. They should help you find better organizational systems for what you currently juggle, along with keeping the work you give them organized for easy understanding and versatility.
  3. Tech Savvy. In this ever-changing cyber world we live in, you need an assistant who understands all the latest virtual technology and social media platforms. They should be able to help you find and use tools that help market your business for today’s consumers.
  4. Accessible. Let’s face it, being virtual has its conveniences and inconveniences. Since you can’t actually see your assistant in person, it’s important to know that they are available when you need them. Whether it’s through the phone, email, or Skype, it’s important to know that you can depend on them to answer in your time of need.
  5. Driven. Having someone that is a go-getter will help you achieve those extras that you need help with efficiently. You also want someone who can see past some of the mundane details to help you manage your business better through new marketing ideas and organization systems that help you.

Keep these 5 qualities in mind when you are looking for your virtual assistant. You will be sure to find someone who you can depend on to assist you. They will have the characteristics that help you and your business thrive.

photo credit: Richard Leonard

Posted on June 20th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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