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Virtual Assistant Terminology That Employers Should Know


Being a business owner comes with its own unique set of skills and needs. From knowing how to file taxes to how to hire staff, being the boss is a ton of work. The good news is that there is a reliable and cost-effective way for business professionals to get the help they need, and it is called outsourcing.

Outsourcing involves hiring online help to handle your additional administrative, technical or creative work needs within your business. Our online virtual assistants provide all of the support of an employee, without the additional overhead costs. As with any facet of business management, working with a virtual assistant does come with some unique and necessary terminology. Here are a few to take note of:

Content Management: Is the act of assisting clients with creating, publishing, editing and modifying content for blogs and websites.

Contract: A signed document between CVA and client outlining duties, pay rate and terms of payment.

DropBox: A collaborative platform that is “in the cloud” for VA’s and clients to add, access and share documents pertaining to jobs and tasks.

Help Desk: Another name for customer service which can include fielding customer complaints, requests for assistance and scheduling appointments.

IVAA: International Virtual Assistants Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional education and development of members, all of which are Virtual Assistants.

Outsourcing: The act of hiring help for your business that is not within the walls of your business (a third party) is called outsourcing.

Process Manual: A document created for a client that outlines the steps in a specific task. Works well for other staff or for any virtual assistants who may be filling in for you when you are on vacation.

Skillset: The skills and knowledge that you have (and are marketing) to offer to a potential client.

Task: Task is simply the work to be completed. Tasks can vary from very specific website design to creating press releases.

VA Certified: A specific and in-depth certification process offered to VA’s as a way to better their educations, prove credibility and gain a competitive edge.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual Assistants consists of individuals, as well as companies, who work remotely as an independent professional, providing a wide range of products and services both to businesses as well as consumers.

Being able to hire reliable help in the form of a virtual assistant relieves the burden of more tedious business tasks without increasing the need to find room in your office for another person.  Our well-trained VA’s not only work from home, they are also self-motivated and self-managing. Once brought up to speed on your business’s needs, they will know what they need to do for your business, and they do it with excellence.

photo credit: Sharon Gerald

Posted on June 10th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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