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Keeping Things Organized and On-task for Fast-paced Coaching Client

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Not all clients are organized or know exactly what they want to accomplish at the start of a working relationship. That wasn’t an issue with my client, who is very keen on what she wants. My strong organizational skills have been the perfect fit for what she needs in a virtual assistant. I keep track of her to-do list, help develop priorities and set appropriate timelines and due dates for what we need to accomplish in order to remain organized.

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Letting Go: Learning How to Effectively Delegate

One thing that most small business owners have in common is that they deeply care about every aspect of their business. After all, no one has invested as much time, money and resources into building your business as you. But trying to manage every detail can actually hurt your business. One thing that successful small business owners have in common is the art of letting go. Learning how to effectively delegate can be the key to achieving the next level of success for your business.

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How to Save Money on Essential Tech for Your Business

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As a busy business owner, you know too well that time and money are always at the forefront of your mind, whether it’s trying to make more or trying to save more. With that being said, we’ve gathered several ways you can save on and consolidate your technology needs.

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Maximizing the Impact of Your Website

What does your website say about your company to your customers? If you are not sure, it may be time to take a fresh look at what your customers are seeing when they visit your site. Most companies spend a good amount of their digital marketing budget on directing customers to visit their website through SEO efforts and PPC advertising, yet often the website is a poor example of the quality they want to express. To maximize the impact that your website has on visitors, here are a few questions to address.

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Tips to a Successful Telesummit

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Hosting a telesummit is an excellent way to boost list growth, bring focus to a new program, and really set yourself apart as an expert in your industry. Telesummits can be a large event or held on a smaller scale to really focus on a few key speakers. Working with a Virtual Assistant to organize your telesummit will help take the stress out of managing the speakers, so you can focus on providing your unique rock star content.

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Tip to Manage Your Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that effective social media marketing can help build your company’s brand awareness. It only takes looking at the results of one viral video to see how quickly information can be shared through different social media networks. However, staying on top of your social media pages can be time consuming and requires marketing skills that not all business owners possess. Here is a tip to better manage your social media marketing – hire a Virtual Assistant!

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