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Letting Go: Learning How to Effectively Delegate

One thing that most small business owners have in common is that they deeply care about every aspect of their business. After all, no one has invested as much time, money and resources into building your business as you. But trying to manage every detail can actually hurt your business. One thing that successful small business owners have in common is the art of letting go. Learning how to effectively delegate can be the key to achieving the next level of success for your business.

Many entrepreneurs begin as one-man shows, doing everything themselves. They are the marketing, sales and accounting directors, handling and overseeing every detail of their new enterprise. But when the business begins to thrive, trying to manage every detail becomes unwieldly. You begin to spread yourself too thin, making it impossible to be effective in every area. This is where it becomes necessary to know how and where to delegate within your business.

Letting go of certain tasks is not as easy as it sounds. It can be difficult to give up that control. But to be successful, you must learn to focus your expertise in the areas where it is most beneficial to your business. Spending your time on projects that could be done by someone else just as well is a waste. Here are some tips to effectively delegate and let go.

  • Prioritize. Analyze what you spend your time on and determine what needs your expertise and attention. Administrative tasks especially should be delegated as they can be efficiently completed by a competent assistant who may be able to do them quicker and even more effectively than you.
  • Focus on the result. Stop worrying about how tasks are completed and focus on the result. Someone else may complete the task differently than you, but if you get the desired result, that is what matters.
  • Cost versus benefit. One of the reasons that small business owners continue to do everything themselves is they worry about the cost of delegating. While paying someone to handle some of the work does cost money, what is it costing your business if you continue to try to do everything yourself? To grow, you must be willing to invest the right resources into your company and let go of some of your workload.

When you are ready to let go and begin delegating some of your administrative and digital marketing tasks, we can help. Our Virtual Assistants are experts at taking over the projects that are eating away at your time. Begin the next level of your business’ success by delegating to a VA that can help you make the most of every minute you spend on growing your company.

photo credit: Ian Sane

Posted on July 25th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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