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Tips to a Successful Telesummit

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Hosting a telesummit is an excellent way to boost list growth, bring focus to a new program, and really set yourself apart as an expert in your industry. Telesummits can be a large event or held on a smaller scale to really focus on a few key speakers. Working with a Virtual Assistant to organize your telesummit will help take the stress out of managing the speakers, so you can focus on providing your unique rock star content.

Five Tips for a Successful Telesummit

  • Planning: During the planning phase there are some key questions that you’ll need to answer before you can even start to approach potential speakers.

    1. Choose a theme for your event. What topic are you an expert in that you want to promote?
    2. Plan the structure of the event. How many days do you plan to host the summit? How many speakers would you ideally like to work with?
    3. Choose a healthy list of knowledgeable speakers you’d like to invite and start contacting them!
  • Produce: Once you’ve outlined your event and chosen some of your speakers, it’s time to get content produced and ready to roll!

    1. Choose the delivery platform of the summit itself. Would you prefer to use Instant Teleseminar or another platform to host the event?
    2. Choose the software and platforms you will use to deliver recordings to your attendees. Would you prefer to host them on a webpage or deliver them via email?
    3. Organize and manage your speakers (or let your VA do it!). It takes time to gather all the material needed including bios, headshots, promotional offers and more. Be sure to provide enough time to gather and present this information.
  • Promote: A good telesummit can only be as successful as your promotion. You want to reach your target audience.

    1. Set a solid date for each speaker to promote the summit to their list.
    2. Plan your own promotional activities with a well thought out social media plan.
    3. Include paid advertising to really boost your success with Facebook ads.
    4. Create and promote your telesummit with quality content marketing before, during and after the event in order to take advantage of the momentum you’ve created.

Hosting a telesummit can be a key tool for your business and lead to added success with careful planning. Let CVA help you with your next telesummit to make the most of your efforts and achieve that plan for success.


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Posted on July 13th, 2016 by Client Advocate Team

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