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4 Important Differences Between Copywriters and Content Writers

In today’s digital world, most business owners find they need the skills of a writer for their online marketing. While they may be excellent at what they do in their own industry, not everyone has the skills needed to write excellent content or promotional materials. But when it comes time to hire a writer, it is important to understand the differences between the two main types that businesses use: copywriters and content writers. Here are four important differences to help you determine which has the skills you need.

  1. Content writers understand SEO. One of the main tasks of content writers is creating interesting content for websites. To do this effectively, they must also understand search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and what is currently the best strategy when using keywords and other tactics.
  2. Copywriters slant their writing to persuade readers. The main objective of a copywriter is to persuade their readers. Their writing is slanted to benefit the business, product or campaign they are representing. While a content writer may use a more neutral tone, copywriters are pushing an agenda or sales pitch.
  3. Formatting is key in content writing. While copywriters often write short, promotional material, content writing is usually longer pages for websites and other online platforms. Writing content that will be read online is different than writing printed material, especially in format. Content writers understand the importance of using the right amount of white space, headings and subtitles that will grab the attention of the online reader.
  4. Copywriters are great at selling. Copywriters are used mainly for advertising and marketing, both online and for printed materials. Their skill is writing dynamic copy that will get their readers to buy what they are selling. While content writers strive to inform and even entertain, the main goal of a copywriter is to sell the product, service or idea that they are hired to promote.

Many writers have both skills and can use the correct type depending on the project they are working on. If you need quality content for your website, blog or social media pages, you will want a writer that is experienced in online content writing. For your advertising, you will want a copywriter that can dazzle the reader quickly to sell your product.

At CVA, we offer both content writing and copywriting, as well as editing services. Contact us to learn more about how our talented writers can help create excellent content or promotional prose for your business.

photo credit: lethaargic

Posted on August 30th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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