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A Virtual Assistant’s (VA) daily role of providing excellence requires that you get a good look behind the scenes at what your coaching client does to attract their clients to them. Although they may have had training in their profession, it is generally the unique personality of the coach that makes their clients choose them to work with. This was very evident when I first started working with this particular client.

In addition to being a life coach, this client is also an author and a hypnotherapist. She is great at communicating her true self through her words and demonstrating her genuine care for people, which sets a sincere foundation of trust in her relationships.

My client was working on redesigning and restructuring her website when I came onboard as her new VA. She was clear on what she wanted done, but didn’t have the time to commit to managing the entire project herself. I had the privilege of working alongside her and filling in the gaps to help make her website vision become a reality. I was also able to use my knowledge of SEO optimization to make sure the site was as attractive to search engines as it was to other visitors to the site.

As a coach, my client is always supporting and encouraging her clients. I observed how much she gave to her clients, which made me realize she needed the people around her to provide similar encouragement and support. I tried to help fill that place, cheering her on and letting her know how much I believed in her, her company and the services she provides.

I love my role as a VA, whether I am building my client’s brand through social media or working alongside them as a project manager, as there is always great satisfaction in helping them grow their business and achieve success as a team.

photo credit: geralt

Posted on August 31st, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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