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Save Time with Email Organization

Do you show up for work ready to get down to business only to find yourself bogged down with too many emails? Are you spending so much time sifting through emails that your current projects are suffering? You are not alone. On average, people can spend up to two hours a day just on email correspondence, both reading and replying. If you are spending too much time in your inbox, it’s time to get organized. Save time and learn how to organize your inbox with these tips that will help you use your time wisely and clear the chaos.

Delete Like a Pro

Repeat this mantra daily, “read and delete” to help you gain better control of your inbox. Don’t hang on the emails that do not require your attention. This goes for everything, not just the spam. If you don’t need to archive, respond or take action then you can quickly “read and delete” clearing your inbox of the unnecessary clutter.

Delegation Is Essential

In many cases, business owners will feel the need to respond to every single email they receive. This can not only take a chunk out of your work day, it can become severely cumbersome even leading to priorities seeping through the cracks. This is where a virtual assistant can come in handy. If you have an email with a technical question, send it to your IT person. If you have a request for information regarding your business, an assistant can help. Send those emails along and find yourself with a neat and tidy inbox. Delegation is one of the essential building blocks to running a successful business. If you are struggling with knowing how to delegate like a pro, read our blog on Letting Go: Learning How To Effectively Delegate for tips and tricks that can save your inbox flow from getting out of control.

Create Folders That Make Sense

Creating folders in your inbox that are labeled properly can take a huge dent out of your time spent reading and responding to emails. Labeling your folders such as “Answer This” or “Do This” can help you navigate through emails while organizing your priorities for the day, week or month. This will alleviate time spent on wondering where you should put emails that require attention if you don’t have time to address them immediately.

Implement Daily Time Blocks

Designating specific time throughout your day either in the morning or afternoon (or both) to go through your folders to answer impending emails is an excellent way to stay organized. Adding these blocks to your calendar will help you stay organized and help you navigate through the folders you created. Consider using your morning to organize and sort, and afternoons to respond. When you set specific time to answer and sort emails it can quickly make an unorganized inbox squeaky clean.

If your inbox has thousands of emails sitting in it, that can slow down your email server. Cleaning out old emails and getting your inbox organized is a great task to add to your VA’s to-do list.

photo credit: hyperdashery

Posted on August 8th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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