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4 Ways to Attain More Email Subscribers

Email subscribers are a valuable commodity in the land of internet marketing. The power has shifted from old fashioned pamphlet mailers into a universe that revolves around how big you can grow your email subscription list. Keeping your subscribers after they sign up is how business owners can turn leads into actual customers. So how do you attain more subscribers in a world where millions of other business owners are vying for your customer’s attention?

Sign Up Form Placement

There are a few prime locations on a website that work for placement. In other words, it’s all about the location. Think beach front property and transfer that motto onto your webpage. The sections of your website that work well for email sign up forms are: top of the sidebar, top header, at the end of a post, footer, and exit-intent pop-up. However, the location can also depend on your site design, target audience and industry. Consider running a few test locations on your website and use the data to decide.

Remove Distractions from Your Website

If your website visitors can’t find the form to subscribe to your list, do you think they will hunt for it? Probably not. Removing distractions can be an effective way to point visitors in the right direction. Limiting your call to action to just one can keep things simple for your readers. Offering too many choices can sometimes be a bad thing, clear the clutter and gain more email subscribers.

Offer Email Subscribers Something More

As you post on social media, remember your email subscribers are on social media as well. This means if you are sending out the same information via email, they’ll get bored quick. Designating two separate strategies can lead to more email subscribers because you are providing secular benefits based on subscriptions both via email and social media. You will often see business owners using Facebook marketing to offer customers a special discount or promo code for goods and services. Your email marketing should also offer a promotion, but one that is specific to the email content only. Want to spread even more love to your current email subscribers? Offer a special deal that is exclusive for new email subscribers.

Create a Killer Email Campaign

Developing a business marketing strategy that includes killer email campaigns is how to keep your subscribers on the hook. If they only receive emails from you that are relevant to their needs your subscribers won’t mind staying connected.  In fact, subscribers will feel “in the know” regarding special deals, sales and important information. If you are sending too many emails or emails that are full of information that is redundant to your social media, chances are you will lose subscribers. If you are struggling in the marketing department, or budget constraints are holding you back, hiring a virtual assistant that specializes in marketing can help meet your needs without having to hire a new department. You can also check out our, Checklist to Help You Rock Your Email Marketing here to gain insight on what you need to know about creating an excellent email campaign.

photo credit: Aaron Escobar

Posted on September 12th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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