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5 Reasons Life Coaches Use Virtual Assistants

Are you a life coach trying to build your business? Like any entrepreneur, you have many responsibilities on your shoulders. You must plan and manage your business growth, run day-to-day operations and in your “free” time, actually perform your function as a life coach for your clients. Your industry requires you spend an extraordinary amount of time focusing on your client, learning the best way to help them achieve their goals. But who is helping you achieve your business goals? Here are 5 reasons many life coaches need and use a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Marketing. In any business, you need to continually market your product or service for continued growth. A virtual assistant can handle this portion of your business, making sure you have a future revenue stream. Let your VA compile the analytics and data to effectively manage your marketing strategies.
  2. Handle leads. How many leads or inquiries do you get from potential clients? While these are important, if you are constantly fielding questions for leads, you won’t have time for your current clients. A virtual assistant can answer the basic inquires and forward you only those that a serious about obtaining your services.
  3. Social media. Life coaches rely on social media heavily to spread the word and grow their business. Let a VA help manage your social media accounts and stay on top of your blog calendar. If you let it, your social media campaign can eat up too much of your time, overloading your work week.
  4. Managing webinars, Telesummits and podcasts. Video is powerful, especially in the life coach industry. It also requires quite a bit of time to coordinate, plan and orchestrate. Having a VA handle the details of your video marketing can save you many hours a week, allowing you to focus on the results of your marketing.
  5. Business management. The nuts and bolts of your life coach enterprise is just like any business; you have bookkeeping, invoicing, taxes and many other administrative tasks that must be accomplished. Your VA can take over these mundane projects and let you do what you do best – inspire your clients to higher levels of personal success.

No one can do everything on their own, especially when you are running a growing business. Contact us at Contemporary Virtual Assistance to find out more about hiring one of our talented VAs to help with your life coach business.

photo credit: Rafael Souza ®

Posted on September 27th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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