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Time is the one resource every entrepreneur runs short on. Maintaining consistent posting schedules for your blog and social media are challenges in themselves. Add an email newsletter and updates needed on your website and it is easy to fall behind. Falling behind was not in my client’s game plan. She has new arenas she wants to enter and it is my job to get existing marketing avenues updated and flowing consistently, so she can make a stronger push into new opportunities.

We started by determining what wasn’t working, which included her Optimize Press program on her WordPress website, so that we could begin fixing the issues. Then I moved on to adding efficiency within her processes in order to save her time. I automated some of her applications and a survey, which may have seemed like small changes, however often a multitude of smaller issues can gobble up more time than one big issue.

To make sure recurring marketing tasks don’t stall again, I independently take on the role of task master, holding the client accountable for following through on her responsibilities within each process. A very motivated and determined individual, herself, I’ve appreciated the confidence she has placed in me. She is an example of strong leadership that isn’t intimidated by strong team members, but challenges them to deliver on their full potential.

Currently, we are working on an eBook and a new webpage that will offer automated online bookings for her speaking engagements. The page will incorporate a promotional slideshow of images from her previous speaking engagements, which we are very excited to see go live!

This client has a strong passion for making the world a better place to live, particularly for those with limited resources and opportunities. I count it a privilege to contribute my time, talent and efforts to any organization that work towards positive change.

Posted on September 14th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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