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Finding Relevant Feedback for Your Business

In today’s business culture, entrepreneurs are inundated with analytics to help them improve their business strategies. Google will give you numbers on clicks and patterns, as will almost any type of software that you use in tandem with your marketing. While these numbers are helpful and give valuable information about your marketing effectiveness, they are only numbers. How do you get real, relevant feedback from your customers that you can use?


Thanks to Yelp and many other customer review sites, you can get some feedback for free. Keep in mind that these are not always legitimate – unfortunately there are unscrupulous competitors that will log unfavorable reviews about your business. But, once in a while you will find a gem, offering a nugget of advice that can help you improve your business for your customers. Use a Virtual Assistant to scan reviews and find the ones that may be useful can save you time and keep you from obsessing over any negative feedback.

Add Feedback Boxes

Like the old customer complaint or feedback forms, feedback boxes on your website can help gather information from your customers. Give them a simple format where they can offer their opinion that only takes a minute to complete. This is a great way to find out if something is not working right on your site or if there are other issues with your product or service that you may not know about.


Surveys are a great way to gather feedback – if you use the right questions and your customers actually complete them. The trick is to keep them short and to the point. Only ask questions that will help your business. Try to use open ended questions to get more than just a yes or no answer. Surveys can be part of your email marketing as a follow up or you can offer a brief survey on your website.

Talk to Your Customers

This may seem obvious, but it is actually not done enough. If you want real feedback, why not directly ask your customers what they think? You may be surprised how many will be willing to give you honest, relevant feedback that you can use. Plan to call or contact a set number of random customers per week and ask them in person for their opinions on your business.

It is possible to find relevant feedback that can help your business, but it does take time. Use your VA from Contemporary VA to help you gather this valuable information that you can use to improve your products, services and customer interactions.

photo credit: jdsmith1021

Posted on September 19th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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