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4 Ways to Attain More Email Subscribers

Email subscribers are a valuable commodity in the land of internet marketing. The power has shifted from old fashioned pamphlet mailers into a universe that revolves around how big you can grow your email subscription list. Keeping your subscribers after they sign up is how business owners can turn leads into actual customers. So how do you attain more subscribers in a world where millions of other business owners are vying for your customer’s attention?

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Utilizing VA Skills to Excel to the Next Level


This particular client has utilized the skills and talents offered by virtual assistant (VA) teams for many areas of her business. She recognizes the value of outsourcing tasks to those who possess skillsets that she doesn’t have, rather than trying to do everything herself. Her confidence in me as her VA has been founded on my ability to listen to her concerns, calmly evaluate the situation and develop efficient solutions for her business.

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5 Tips to Develop Delegating Efficiency

The first step in freeing up time in your busy business schedule is learning how to efficiently delegate. While it may sound simple, it is not always as easy as it appears. How often does it seem like it takes more time to delegate projects than it takes to just to do them yourself? Delegation should save you time, not cause extra work. The good news is when you develop efficient delegation skills, you can finally realize the benefits of getting the help you need for improved productivity. Here are five tips to propel you toward delegation efficiency.

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Starting a Newsletter for your Business

We all know that staying in contact with your clients helps build stronger relationships and keeps top-of-mind when they need your expertise. That is why creating a newsletter can be a great tool for your business. It can arrive in your client’s inbox monthly or weekly, and give them a reminder of how you can serve them, without being an awkward cold call.

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