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Starting a Newsletter for your Business

We all know that staying in contact with your clients helps build stronger relationships and keeps top-of-mind when they need your expertise. That is why creating a newsletter can be a great tool for your business. It can arrive in your client’s inbox monthly or weekly, and give them a reminder of how you can serve them, without being an awkward cold call.

First Steps to Newsletter Creation

You can easily have new subscribers sign up through your website using an opt-in plug-in connected to your contact software. It can either be a standard plug-in that sits on your sidebar, a pop-up that requires action from your website visitors or a separate landing page. Offering an incentive for subscribing, like a simple e-book or simple tool that you create, can also entice more new clients to sign up.

The format of your newsletter does not need to be complicated. You can share a couple blurbs from recent blog posts, some recent projects you’ve done, or any relative information to your business. Make sure to include compelling images to capture your audience’s attention. Adding hyperlinks back to your website will also be a helpful tool, as you look to see what your readers are most interested in.

Promote New Services or Products

A newsletter can also be a great way to share new services or products that you offer, which your clients may not be aware of. Each month gives you the opportunity to share something different about your business, highlighting your expertise in all areas. You can also share things in your newsletter that are not highlighted anywhere else, so that your new subscribers feel like they are getting something a little extra by signing up.

Starting a newsletter doesn’t have to be a drain on your time. It is a job that you could easily pass on to an experienced virtual assistant. A VA will have the knowledge necessary to format the newsletter, find pieces to include and plugging them in, add images and create your signup areas on your website or landing pages. They can also track what kind of open rates and link clicks you receive through your newsletters to help refine your marketing strategies.

Adding a newsletter option on top of what you already do may seem like a lot of work, but it may be that bridge to your customers that gives them the information they need. Make the addition easy by handing it off to an experienced virtual assistant. They will be able to help you succeed at sharing relevant business news with your clients, giving your company the success you are striving for.

photo credit: pj_vanf

Posted on September 1st, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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