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Is Your Team Getting the Most out of the Cloud?

Hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram, new technology concept

Hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram, new technology concept

Ninety-five percent of businesses are now using the cloud to some degree, RightScale says. As more companies have migrated to the cloud, the range of specialized business tasks it supports has grown proportionately. There are now cloud-based tools available that can enable virtually all types of business departments and teams to perform more effectively. Here are some ways your company’s teams can get more out of the cloud by adopting specialized cloud-based business tools.

Financial Management

As of 2016, 42 percent of U.S. companies’ accounting and finance teams have moved their financial functions to the cloud, while another 20 percent are actively exploring a cloud-based option, according to research by Robert Half and the Financial Executives Research Foundation. Cloud accounting and financial solutions are attractive to companies for a number of reasons. Cloud services use pay-as-you-go subscription pricing, translating into reduced costs. They also empower mobile management spreadsheets from anywhere, making it easier for team members to access and share information. Cloud tools integrate with other tools such as payment and inventory tools, automatically syncing data and streamlining workflow. Additionally, using cloud-based tools makes it easier to outsource tasks such as payroll and tax preparation. Finally, these services typically provide better security than in-house resources can provide.

Project Management

Teams working on projects such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, graphic production and video production can benefit from using cloud-based project management software tools. Project management tools enable team members to access files from anywhere, view files using a common interface and keep updates synced so that all project participants are consistently using the most current version of a given file. Project leaders can also use a single interface to assign tasks, schedule deadlines, coordinate communication between team members and check progress.


Sales teams are also finding cloud customer relationship management (CRM) tools invaluable. Cloud-based CRM apps enable sales team members to use their mobile device to access customer information from anywhere. Sales representatives can instantly retrieve contact information, view the results of previous customer contacts, identify where customers are in the sales cycle and see customer purchase histories. Cloud CRM tools also enable sales reps to get automated analyses of customer databases to spot hot sales opportunities and make more efficient use of their prospecting time. Today’s leading CRM tools include Salesforce, Insightly CRM and Zoho CRM.

Customer Service

Customer service teams are finding cloud-based tools the best solution for delivering effective service to today’s consumer. Today, most customers are mobile, and many customer service representatives are also working remotely over mobile devices, making the cloud the most effective interface for bringing service reps and customers together. Cloud tools also enable service representatives to use a single interface when assisting customers who move from one channel to another over the course of resolving an issue. Cloud-based contact center solutions support omnichannel service so that customers can easily move between online self-service options and live chat and phone conversations with representatives. Meanwhile representatives can easily view the previous history of a ticket throughout all channels, enabling more efficient service and delivering greater customer satisfaction.


Posted on September 16th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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