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Utilizing VA Skills to Excel to the Next Level


This particular client has utilized the skills and talents offered by virtual assistant (VA) teams for many areas of her business. She recognizes the value of outsourcing tasks to those who possess skillsets that she doesn’t have, rather than trying to do everything herself. Her confidence in me as her VA has been founded on my ability to listen to her concerns, calmly evaluate the situation and develop efficient solutions for her business.

My ability to remain calm and reassuring to my clients when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the many details and responsibilities of business ownership has been a great asset, one this client, in particular, has greatly appreciated. In turn, I have appreciated her willingness to seek and accept my advice, even when that involves trying new things or changing how she handles some of her processes.

My organizational skills have also been very beneficial for this client. I have the ability to look at the big picture and recognize priorities, as well as ways to bring improvement and efficiency to how things are done within her business. This often includes making use of my current knowledge of Infusionsoft and other technical systems. Other times, it may mean spending time doing research to find the best answer for an issue my client is dealing with and sharing the results with her, along with my recommendations for a solution.

I admire the particular gifts that allow my entrepreneurial clients to create and develop their businesses. Knowing that I can help them lower their stress levels by being available to share my support and skills with them means the world to me and spurs me on to provide a high level of support every day.

photo credit: geralt

Posted on September 7th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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