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Business Phone Etiquette

Whether intentionally or by accident, those who represent your business can make or break you. One form of communication, in particular, which impacts on how your clients view your business is over the phone interactions. Without the benefit of body language, people rely on tone and words to interpret the type of message being communicated. A single misstep can completely change the course and perception of a conversation, which could result in an equally negative perception of your business. Proper business phone etiquette will go a long way towards avoiding pitfalls, so it is important that all your staff employees conduct themselves in a professional manner.

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The Right Solution for Your Business

SolutionContemporary VA has the right solution for your business, but is it in the form of the Platinum Retainer Plan or the Gold (Pre-Paid) Plan?  How do these plans compare to each other and which one is the best for YOUR unique business?  Let’s review the details of each plan in more detail…

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Billing Services: Worth the Extra Money?

Large corporations can easily afford to pay for billing services or have in-house billing and accounts teams. However, for small to medium businesses the benefits have to outweigh the costs. In an ideal world, every business would have billing services. Keeping track of invoices, accounts receivable etc. is essential to building a successful business. If you do not know how much money is going out or coming in, you are effectively blind to how well your business is performing. However, the question remains: Is paying for billing services worth the extra money?

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The Advantages of a Business Account on Facebook

Whether you want to pay for exposure on Facebook or not, the platform still presents huge advantages for businesses. In fact, besides Google, Facebook is the second largest source of potential customer sourcing on the internet. In many aspects, Facebook is actually better than Google because it allows you to directly interact with both current and potential customers. Any suggestion that Facebook is dead as a means of promoting businesses are both ill-informed and premature.

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Keeping Up with Your Blog Posting

If you have a blog for your business, you already know how difficult it can be keeping up with posting fresh, attention catching content. Writing interesting blog worthy content is the key to obtaining followers with the hopes of turning them into clients. Writing blog content isn’t just about SEO, it is about posting information that is relevant to your overall business goals while offering clients a peek into your business philosophy, services and more. Your goal should be to write engaging content that captures readers’ attention and will keep them coming back, or better yet, follow your RSS feed and social media accounts. Even though you know how important it is to post relevant, appealing content on a consistent basis, it can still be tough keeping up. For inspiration on those days that the well runs dry, we’ve come up with a list of ideas on how to keep your blog fresh and fruitful.

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Has Blogging Run Its Course?

When it comes to SEO and generating web traffic, nothing ever stays status-quo. Many digital marketing strategies that were standard business practices just a few years ago are now considered ineffective and outdated. Keyword stuffing and other tactics have gone to the wayside, so you may be wondering if blogging has also run its course. Let’s take a closer look at this component of your digital marketing to help you determine whether it is worth your time, energy and money.

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