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Keeping Up with Your Blog Posting

If you have a blog for your business, you already know how difficult it can be keeping up with posting fresh, attention catching content. Writing interesting blog worthy content is the key to obtaining followers with the hopes of turning them into clients. Writing blog content isn’t just about SEO, it is about posting information that is relevant to your overall business goals while offering clients a peek into your business philosophy, services and more. Your goal should be to write engaging content that captures readers’ attention and will keep them coming back, or better yet, follow your RSS feed and social media accounts. Even though you know how important it is to post relevant, appealing content on a consistent basis, it can still be tough keeping up. For inspiration on those days that the well runs dry, we’ve come up with a list of ideas on how to keep your blog fresh and fruitful.

Google Is Your Gateway

If you are at a loss for your weekly blog post, Google can be your gateway to finding fresh content. Once you begin typing in a word in the Google search box, a suggested search phrase will show up. Some of it is interesting enough to turn into a blog post. Some, not so much. However, creating a keyword list of industry specific terms can help spark inspiration to help you find a good topic. Add these keywords to your Google searches and see what other industry related businesses are writing about. It’s a good idea to capture as much info as you can to save for inspiration for future blog posts. Another option for savvy business bloggers is using a keyword research tool such as Yoast.

Review the Competition

If you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, visiting your competition’s blogs can be helpful to pull you out of a rut. It’s never a bad idea to keep an eye on the competition, however, the idea is not to steal their topics or content. Your competitor’s content may spark ideas of your own that you hadn’t thought of turning into a blog post.

Use What You Have

For fresh ideas to keep up with your blog posting, visiting your former blog posts and checking out the comment section can help influence what you should be posting on your blog. You’ve built an online audience for a reason (and if not, read our blog on Building and Maintaining an Audience in a Social Business) so use what you have. Go back and read the comments from those who took the time to comment on your blog posts. If they have suggestions for you, use them. Giving your readers what they want is a fundamental aspect of running a blog.

Keep an Eye on Industry Related Forums

Industry forums are an excellent place to find inspiration to keep your blog posting fresh, exciting and, most of all, relevant. Not only can industry forums help with networking, it is a platform to promote your business and blog. Moreover, industry forums can give you an idea of what people are interested in learning more about. Expand on this by answering questions people have through your blog. Once you’ve created a great blog post, you can then go back and post your blog as a resource.

Perhaps you have plenty of blog ideas, but no time to write and post them. Many virtual assistants are also great writers. Hand your list of topics or keywords to your VA to know that your blog will always be current and well written.

photo credit: James Bowe

Posted on October 6th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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