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SolutionContemporary VA has the right solution for your business, but is it in the form of the Platinum Retainer Plan or the Gold (Pre-Paid) Plan?  How do these plans compare to each other and which one is the best for YOUR unique business?  Let’s review the details of each plan in more detail…

The Platinum Retainer plan is the perfect solution if you are looking for a VA to partner with on a long term basis.  You will be able to work one-on-one with a VA that has the skills to provide business support in marketing, customer service, affiliate management, creating campaigns and much more!  This Retainer plan will allow you to work with your VA for a minimum of 20 hours per month and it has a one-year contract, along with a 100% service guarantee.  In addition, your VA will also have access to utilize the skills and collaboration of our other amazing team members, allowing you to work with one person, but providing the benefits of the entire team!  After you have been with CVA for 90 days, your VA will create a FREE operations manual that documents the detailed work that your VA is assisting with.  This manual is then used to train a back-up VA on your account so that work doesn’t stop, even if your regular VA takes some time off.

An alternate solution to your business needs is the Gold Pre-Paid plan.  This plan is perfect if you are looking to have a particular one-off project completed.  With this plan, you submit your task through a project ticket system and a project manager assigns the task to a VA that has the skills to complete the project for you within 3-5 business days (depending on the project, of course).  If you are not ready to be committed to a long-term contract, then this plan is the right choice for you!  Some other benefits of this plan are that the hours you purchase never expire, and there are no unexpected costs.  Just like our Retainer plan, the Pre-Paid plan also has a 100% service guarantee!

Whether you are looking for long-term support or have a quick project you need help with, Contemporary VA has a solution to meet your needs.  Contact our team today to see which will work best for you!

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Posted on October 19th, 2016 by Client Advocate Team

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