Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

Encouragement and Stress Relief Benefits of Your VA



I have come to find that small business owners need the encouragement their Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide as much as they need the expertise, skills and time we offer them. At Contemporary VA, our team is dedicated to being an all inclusive support system to each client we have the privilege to serve.

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Don’t Wait for the New Year to Start Delegating

Are you an entrepreneur? Congratulations!! Busy is your middle name.

As rewarding as your business can be, it can also get overwhelming! You have to juggle the phones, scheduling, billing, find new clients…the list goes on.

Have you thought of getting a Virtual Assistant (VA)? There are services out there to help you grow your business, reap the rewards and make you change your middle name from Busy to Bahamas. You shouldn’t wait until the new year to start delegating!

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Inspiring Creativity Within Your Business


I love working with coaching clients as their Dedicated Virtual Assistant. These unique clients are always so passionate about the services and benefits they have to offer. Their enthusiasm is contagious and helps inspire my creativity as I approach their tasks.

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Dealing with Unpaid Accounts

Cash flow is important for any business. If you don’t get paid, you can’t pay for stock or other necessary materials which are essential to the running of your business. What’s worse is that if you fail to pay your own invoices, you may lose good suppliers and gain a reputation as an untrustworthy business. The resulting knock on effect will make it difficult to get credit, which can sometimes make or break a business. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with unpaid accounts as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, it is easy to neglect unpaid accounts when you simply don’t have the time to chase up debtors.

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Scheduling Software: Finding the Right Fit for Your Business

Your goal has always been to help others succeed, but who helps YOU succeed?

Are you interested in growing your business, but not sure where to start? That’s OK!

Fortunately, in this age of technology, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

There are affordable scheduling software programs out there to help you!

One of the more common features are Customizable Reports, which allows all of the data to come together in one place and can usually be imported into another program, such as Excel. Many also offer their services in an easy-to-use interface to help increase productivity.

Let’s look a little closer at a few options.

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ConvertKit vs Mailchimp – What’s the Difference?

When you’re considering which provider to use for your email list and campaigns, you can get positive recommendations on both ConvertKit and Mailchimp. They are both used widely and can serve your needs, but there are differences. Understanding the difference between these two popular services can help you make the right choice before you sign up for an account and find it doesn’t offer what you expected.

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