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How to Best Use Those Business Card Contacts

Do you have a stack of business cards that you have collected from conventions, business meetings and other interactions? Put those business card contacts to use for your business. Whether they are from potential clients or networking possibilities, the information contained on those paper cards is valuable. Here are some tips on how to best use those contacts and make them part of your networking and marketing strategies.

Digital Upload

First, you need to transport the contact information into your digital contacts. There are many different apps and tools available to do this. Evernote has a great app that can scan business cards into your digital platform. It also has a partnership with LinkedIn, using the scanned information to connect your new contact to their LinkedIn information to give you access to their picture, background and business information. You can add notes to your contact through Evernote, reminding you of where you met them and any other pertinent data.


Once you have them in your contacts, add this new contact into your networking platforms. Add them as contacts in LinkedIn and other social media outlets for your business. Each new contact can lead to many more potential clients through online networking. You never know when you hit a gold mine of networking potential by just getting someone’s business card and utilizing it on your social networks.


If you are using Infusionsoft or other automated marketing software, you can add your contact into your email lists. This is where you can begin to reap the rewards of collecting business cards and utilizing the data they contain. These contacts are warm leads, people you have already met and made a brief connection with. Including them in your email marketing makes perfect sense as they are more likely to open and read your message since you have already had an encounter.

The most important aspect of using business card contacts is to use the information they contain to broaden your online network. Converting the information into your digital contacts is the first crucial step. Once it is in your contacts, you can use the information to connect with them through many different avenues. This is a great task for a Virtual Assistant. Once you scan in all your business card contacts, have your VA add them into your LinkedIn and other social networks, as well as your email marketing campaign. Make sure to do this with all your business cards that you collect and you can begin seeing a return on the investment.

photo credit: Lisa Brewster

Posted on November 2nd, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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